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Clinical Research Studies in Miami

IMIC Inc is our new site location in Palmetto Bay, Florida.    

The site is equipped with all the necessary equipment for research, calibrated yearly. We also have access to imaging facility for Ultrasound, DEXA scans, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PET-CT scans, outpatient surgery center for Endoscopies - Esophago-Gastro-duodenoendoscopy, Colonoscopy. We can perform liver biopsies and HVPG measurements.

We are proud of our staff who have many years experience in clinical research  - 7 Principal Investigators, 8 research coordinators, 1 pharmacy technician, 1 research assistant, 1 medical assistant, 1 Psychologist, 3 Sub-Investigators. All staff is trained in GCP, local SOPs and all current protocols that they are engaged in. All study activities are discussed within the team weekly. Our site has some of the highest enrollment rates in all studies that we participated in. We have developed a program to promote compliance and retention through regular phone calls to patients, educational seminars

In this location we have participated in 89 studies phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 since 2013 in Asthma, Crohn's disease, constipation, pediatric depression, ulcerative colitis, liver cirrhosis, NASH, COPD, depression, osteoarthritis, bipolar depression, Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, Bipolar disease, ADHD, Agitation in Alzheimer's disease, Vaccines,  Tourette's, Autism Spectrum, and MCI.

Interview to local publication- Voyage Mia

Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni MD- double board certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
Miguel Rodriguez MD - board certified Gastroenterology
Ramon Leon MD - board certified Family Medicine 
Ramon Guevara DO - board certified Pediatrics

Research SOPs are strictly followed,  list of current SOPs

The CVs of our research coordinators are included below.

Aimee Cabo BSN, CCRC, President
Loyda Espinoza CCRP, Site Manager

Jennifer Brady, CRC

Adriana Tijerino, RN

Teresa Valencia, CRC

Minela Martinez, CRC

Cinthia Del Toro, CRC

Maria Martinez, ARNP, Sub-Investigator

Pharmacy technicians
Betsey Rivera PhT

The CVs of the investigators are included below:
Miguel Rodriguez MD, Gastroenterology
Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni MD , Psychiatry
Ramon Leon MD, Family Medicine
Ramon Guevara DO, Pediatrics

Gustavo Roldan PhD, Psychology
Dr Boris Nikolov CCRC, Research Physician, CEO

Brad Herskowitz MD, Neurology

Gerard Arria-Devoe MD, Anesthesiology

Adam Clarin OD, Optometrist